The Raveonettes - Dead Sound OST "Уловка. 44"

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Исполнитель: The Raveonettes

Название песни: Dead Sound (OST "Уловка. 44")

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Текст песни The Raveonettes - Dead Sound (OST "Уловка. 44")

I hear the sound of falling love
As I wonder where you are
Hits the ground with a dead sound
Know you ain't got far
You're too stupid and sissy-like
To say that you want out
You make the eyes of a million girls
And think you'll make them shout

Dead Sound
Dead Sound

I used to take you on every time
That sparkle turned to black
I used to drag you through my streets
When you came crawling back
Your cheap words that you brought on sale
Won't help you through tonight
You make the eyes of a million girls
And think that's what they like

Dead Sound
Dead Sound

And now you go through a million girls
And try to pick what's right
When nigtfall comes and you're still alone
Do you feel it deep inside
It's oh so cold on the other side
Where thoughts can turn you down
You make the eyes of a million girls
But I see no girl around

Dead Sound
Dead Sound

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Уловка .44 (Catch .44). 2011г.

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