Social Distortion - Diamond In The Rough

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Исполнитель: Social Distortion

Название песни: Diamond In The Rough

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-09

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Текст песни Social Distortion - Diamond In The Rough

Well I've been up yeah
And I've been down
Been kicked around yeah
This god-forsaken town.
So many faults, so little time.
I've gotta find a piece of mind. Peace of mind.

I was looking for somethin'
Anything at? all.
Something to believe in. Written on the bathroom wall.
I've made mistakes yeah, I've had a few.
What's a boy supposed to do

I've been chasing like a diamond in the rough
You're dirty and you're damaged.
All you need's a little love.
But inside you sparkle, like the stars above.
You'll be there in the morning, when the going gets tough.

There was a? time when, I could not say
I got a reason to live another day.
I'll pick my fights. Yeah I'll pick some more.
Won't you help me up from the floor

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Social Distortion - Diamond In The Rough

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