Роман Рябцев - Sail Away

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Исполнитель: Роман Рябцев

Название песни: Sail Away

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Дата добавления: 2016-05-15

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Текст песни Роман Рябцев - Sail Away

You can do everything

Take my song,learn and sing

And I will listen to you

I sit in the twenty-first row

I enjoy the show

There's nothing more I can do

Tune up your soul like a string

It's a serious thing,

Though it's allready passed

Don't be afraid of the night

i will turn off the light

And you won't be the last

Dress again in black and red

Tell me, when can we go mad!


Sail away to the sea of your dreams

Take me by the hand and lead me inside

There's the way of the wonderfull sin

To the magic land discovered tonight

Flowers are spinnig around me

I'm leaving this earth

Are you ready for this?

Sink in the ocean

Of lust and emotion

Will you give me a kiss?

Don't try to open your eyes

You will not recognise me

'Cos I'm like a cloud

Take my song, learn and sing

Now I can do everything

You are dreaming about

Dress again in black and red

Tell me, when can we go mad!

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