Munruthel - The Lake

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Исполнитель: Munruthel

Название песни: The Lake

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Текст песни Munruthel - The Lake

The one eyed old man told me that the face that I will see
Has paralysed a thousand brave men sure of victory.
I cannot fight blindfolded and IТd freee if I should see.
So I need to sacrifice my eyes to see all from within.
The one eyed old man had told me of a lake that no one knows of.
Where the end of the sky unites with the bottom
countless feet down deep.
And he told me when this world was young
into its depths his eye he had thrown
So that, though one eyed, he could see more than can be seen.

IТll throw my eyes into the lake
So that I will see from within.
IТll throw my eyes into the lake.
And when blind I will still see.

At the bottom of the lake
My two eyes will shine like the stars.
At the bottom of the lake
I will see no matter how near or far.

Regardless at which speed my horse
takes me through the night.
No matter how sharp the blade
of my sword seems to be.
Even with the aid of two pair
of eyes way up high.
In the end before the Beast its face
I would have had to see.

But with my two eyes in the depths,
my vision is supreme.
I see all things that canТt be seen
but not my hand held out in front of me.
The face that makes men freee
I now need not see at all.
I'll feel the presence of the Beast
but will not need to stare him down no more.

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