Lionel Richie - I Call It Love

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Исполнитель: Lionel Richie

Название песни: I Call It Love

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Текст песни Lionel Richie - I Call It Love

I Look At You
You Look At Me
You Can't Help It You're Feeling Butterflies
Its obvious,
We have Chemistry
I think I know it cause it feels so right
Girl I wanted so long to know
Now You're telling me you gotta let it go
Dont Tell Me I have to start all over again
I Never thought that this day would come
This is something
That i've wanted in my life
I realize that you're the one
and you're telling me
Its time to say goodbye
To Put this out of my heart
It ain't gonna change
So it shouldn't be so easy to walk away
You feel it I feel it lets not be tense

Baby, I Don't Know What Love Is
Maybe I'm A Fool
I Just Know What I'm Feeling
And It's All Because Of You
Don't Tell Me
I Don't Know
I Want The Truth
Cause They Call It
We Call It
You Call It
I Call It Love

It's so clear for you to see
don't let anybody tell you what to do
Why they can't they just let us be happy
I don't want to find somebody new
If you know what's real in your heart
Then dont let them tear us apart
Cause you feel it I feel it
Let's think this through


We have a bond that's unbreakable
And it's not time to let it go
And now that we know it's real
We are going to let it show
To the whole world
That I'm yours forever
And you're my girl

{Refrain 2x}

They Call It Love
I Call it

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Lionel Richie - I Call It Love

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