John Legend - Someday OST August Rush

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Исполнитель: John Legend

Название песни: Someday (OST August Rush)

Продолжительность mp3: 03:04

Дата добавления: 2014-09-12

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Текст песни John Legend - Someday (OST August Rush)

As days go by
And fade to nights
I still question why you left
I wonder how
It didn't work out
But now you're gone
And memories all I have for now
But no it's not over
We'll get older, we'll get over

We'll live to see the day that I hope for
Come back to me
I still believe that
We'll get it right again
We'll come back to life again
We won't say another goodbye again
You'll live forever with me

Someday, someday
We'll be together
Someday, someday
We'll be together

I heard someday
Might be today
Mysteries of destinies they
Are somehow
And are someway
For all we know
They come tomorrow
For today my eyes are open
My arms are raised for your embrace
My hands are here to mend what is broken
To feel again to walk on the face

I believe there is more to life
Oh I love you much more than life
And still
I believe I can change your mind
Revive what is dying inside

And someday, someday
We'll be together
Someday, someday
We'll be together
Someday, someday
We'll be together
We'll be together
We'll be together

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