Ef - a tale of melodies - Elisa. Ebullient Future. Op.

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Исполнитель: Ef - a tale of melodies

Название песни: Elisa. Ebullient Future. Op.

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Текст песни Ef - a tale of melodies - Elisa. Ebullient Future. Op.

Love, I’ve got to feel it
If you put your trust in me
I know what my life would be
Oh, you are all I ever need

I try to hear what you say
So I pray
But you’re fading away
Don’t go and break my fragile heart
We won’t fall apart
‘Cause you’re my only star

I wonder why my tears come at night
Calling you, so like a little child
All the things you have in mind
I wish I could see your insides

I feel alone and empty
You’re far, that’s why I can’t bear to be
Move on, but it’s not that easy
Oh, don’t you know I still believe

No one can stand in your way
Here I stay
There’ll be another day
Won’t cry and get rid of scars
Always in my heart
Gotta find a way to start

How am I supposed to know what’s right
Missing you, and I do lose my mind
Just wanna be by your side
I will wait for your love and smile

I’ve been thinking of you, my dream…
Every time I take a breath, feel brand new
Open up your heart with my key
Oh, can’t you hear my heartbeat

My love, you’ve got to feel it
And if we put our trust in you and me
You know what our lives would be
Oh, you are the one I believe

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ef - a tale of melodies OP フル 「ebullient future」 日本語版

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