♪♫ Curtis Mayfield - Superfly OST Мрачные тени

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Исполнитель: ♪♫ Curtis Mayfield

Название песни: Superfly (OST Мрачные тени)

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Текст песни ♪♫ Curtis Mayfield - Superfly (OST Мрачные тени)

Darkest of night
With the moon shining bright
There's a set goin' strong
Lotta things goin' on
The man of the hour
Has an air of great power
The dudes have envied him for so long

Oooh, Superfly
You're gonna make your fortune by and by
But if you lose, don't ask no questions why
The only game you know is Do or Die

Hard to understand
What a hell of a man
This cat of the slum
Had a mind, wasn't dumb
But a weakness was shown
'Cause his hustle was wrong
His mind was his own
But the man lived alone


The game he plays he plays for keeps
Hustlin' times and ghetto streets
Tryin' ta get over
(That's what he tryin' to do, y'all)
Taking all that he can take
Gambling with the odds of fate
Tryin' ta get over (4x)
Woo, Superfly

The aim of his role
Was to move a lot of blow
Ask him his dream
What does it mean?
He woudn't know
"Can't be like the rest"
Is the most he'll confess
But the time's running out
And there's no happiness

Superfly (4x)

"Tryin' ta get over..." (9x)

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