Bad Company - Holy water

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Исполнитель: Bad Company

Название песни: Holy water

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Дата добавления: 2017-02-22

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Текст песни Bad Company - Holy water

In my life, there`s been changes
But nothing seems to satisfy me the way you do, no
You make it easy, the way you please me, everytime I`m close to you
All this temptation, I can`t see wrong from right
It`s a new sensation, you know I`m blinded by the light

(Feels like) I`m walking on holy water
Feels like I`m walking on sacred ground, baby
(Feels like) I`m walking on holy water, everytime (that) you come `round (chorus)

You were all I ever wanted, never had a girl in my life `til I met you, oh
I got a certain feeling, you got my senses reeling
Whenever I get close to you
You`re my salvation, I found you just in time
My one temptation, you know I can`t believe you`re mine


Ooh yeah, it`s funny how it see,s like yesterday, lovin` of the first degree
One word was all I heard you say, ooh baby
It`s funny what you`ve done to me, just wanna see you run to me

All this temptation, I can`t see wrong from right
It`s a new sensation, you know I`m blinded by the light


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