Ayumi Hamasaki - M

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Исполнитель: Ayumi Hamasaki

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Текст песни Ayumi Hamasaki - M

"Maria" There is someone I should love;
every person who has ever been hurt...

As I look around,
everyone busily
hurries on by.

I noticed that this year, too,
the signs of winter have
come very soon.

Again, somewhere in this city today
two people will meet and fall in love;
the curtains are violently opened.

Even so, everything eventually,
someday, has an end.

Again, somewhere in this city today
two people split apart;
the curtains are quitely dropped.

"Maria" There is someone I should love.
At times I feel very lonely.
But my needs are all filled
by the person I should love.

"Maria" There is someone I should love.
At times I bear very deep wounds.
But my they are all healed
by the person I should love.

"Maria" Everyone is crying.
"Maria" But I want to believe.
"Maria" So I'm praying now
that this is my final love.
Beginnings come at random,
but endings always have a reason.

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