Aim Feat. Kate Rogers - Sail Rae & Christian RemixКласика Trip-Hop

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Исполнитель: Aim Feat. Kate Rogers

Название песни: Sail (Rae & Christian Remix)(Класика Trip-Hop)

Продолжительность mp3: 05:41

Дата добавления: 2014-08-06

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Текст песни Aim Feat. Kate Rogers - Sail (Rae & Christian Remix)(Класика Trip-Hop)

It's just something to say
keep going round inside my head
I'm gonna save my soul
before things get impossible
I should have seen the signs
they were right before my eyes
He could have saved my soul

I'm falling over cross the bay
I think the sun sailed away
not like those before
I'm just another body washed up on the shore
the curse on my bones
he made a pact rum(?) on the storms
he could have saved my soul
he could have saved my soul

Take me in your arms
Take me in your arms

Do you recall the time
I think you just must have lost your mind
Affected by the sun
Another heaven's lined up(?) as we made our run
lets stay in the lanes
And I can barely feel the pain
I love you so much more
I love you so much more

Take my in your arms
Take me in your arms

It's all done by the painfull sky
denims hung out to dry
how many hours to go
before the next I say self...
sandstorm remains
I see your angels cross the plane
they never save my soul
they never save my soulpactrum on the storms
save my soul

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