Ahmad Jamal - Dolphin dance

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Исполнитель: Ahmad Jamal

Название песни: Dolphin dance

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-10

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Текст песни Ahmad Jamal - Dolphin dance

(Verse 1)
In the beginning, I remember that God made man
crafted in his image, with his own hands
then out of mans rib, came the woman
the creatures we love, like or donÂ’t understand
but its amazing, I see God's beauty through her physical
design plus her mind combined defines miracle
and IÂ’m not convinced that a mineral
or bang from the sky can derive such individuals
and as the world turns, I wonder with concern
the time we'll meet and complete each other words
IÂ’m kidding, but who says fantasies forbidden
see IÂ’m the type of cat, that express myself from within
driven, to promote love in every essence
living by this mission its hard to miss the blessings
caressing the mic like a newlywed wife
ink flows from my pen in hopes to truly shed light
upon this situation that IÂ’m faced with
one that takes patience to build on foundation
that we both share now thatÂ’s stimulation
anything less donÂ’t impress know what IÂ’m sayin?
I look into the mirror and everyday it gets clear
I gotta steer from the places IÂ’ve veered
I said I look into the mirror and everyday it gets clear
I gotta steer...

Cause IÂ’ve been lookin for love lookin for love yall
In all the wrong places.
lookin for love lookin for love yall
In all the wrong places.

(verse 2)
And in the summer, heat waves rise from the street pave
warm nights mixed drinks dope djs
females super fly, showing mad thigh
thoughts of lust rush guys dont ask why
is it her presence or feminine vibe?
when her body rebels against a vertical line?
that got guys lying for personal time
and once they get their catch , they back on the grind
and i'm just kicking my feet up like Bruce Lee
reclined, when this dime approaches within few feet
style, not unique, but def got the beauty
so who cares when this cutie now pursues me
and with charm IÂ’m on her arm like Coachbag
one of the few effortless things life threw back
then like annoyed smokers we found no match
and fell apart, without knowing romance
but what I found, proved to be more special
a lesson from experience, a jewel for the mental
shining from my notepad with rhymes signed in pencil
outlining my finding using life as a stencil
and for this I feel mad fortunate
for real IÂ’m done with that short term fix
and I ask can I be fortunate?
to know that IÂ’m done with this

Cause IÂ’ve been looking for love looking for love yall
In all the wrong places.
looking for love looking for love yall
In all the wrong places.

(verse 3)
And now I ponder, about the times that we might have
caressing questions that sing from my mic stand
like damn whats these feelings IÂ’m revealing
like if IÂ’d tell tha fellas IÂ’d get smacked in my melon
but its unique love only women can provide
I seent it in my moms, I seent it in her eyes
I seent it in these guys when proposing to their brides
down on bended knee with diamonds shining near her thighs
it makes me visualize, the way that we'd get down
IÂ’d take the lead, and no doubt you'd wear the crown
the one IÂ’d serve, cause she feels my vibe
supports my wings, till the day that we fly
and I know that right now, that weÂ’d grow despite how
the world is on our shoulders trying to control our lifestyles
we wont get wiped out, if on the right route
soon we'll reunite and then IÂ’ll recite outÂ…
since the beginning of man our separation is fact
I said you came from mans rib now IÂ’m taking it back
I said you came from mans rib and now IÂ’m taking it back
I said you came from mans rib so join me as..
we find love, weÂ’ll find love girl in all the wrong placesÂ…

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