2Pac ft. Eazy-E & Biggie & Meg and Dia - Monster

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Исполнитель: 2Pac ft. Eazy-E & Biggie & Meg and Dia

Название песни: Monster

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Дата добавления: 2016-08-16

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Текст песни 2Pac ft. Eazy-E & Biggie & Meg and Dia - Monster

[Meg & Dia]
How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the window...
How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the window...

[Eazy E]
1,2,3, and to the 4
Eazy muthafuckin' E
With the chrome to your dome
Cruisin' in my '64 rag top
I got a lot of juice
A lot of fuckin' block
Now when I hit that switch I'm bouncin'
More bounce to the ounce
And I'm clownin'
Keep the gat in my lap
Cuz I'm fully strapped
For the car jackers
Fuck no hapsters
I pack a Tech-9
Plus a AK-47
Send a one way ticket to my hell
Or maybe heaven, peep
Nigga I don't sleep
Burry muthafuckas in the concrete
You try creep kinda slow in a Astro
But I peep you niggas out in my left window
So I blast and I blast til I blast no mo
Yo, they call a muthafucka John Doe


Now ever since a nigga was a seed
Only thing promised to me was the penitentiary, still ballin
Ridin on these niggaz cause they lame
In a six-one Chevy, still heavy in this game, can you feel me?
Blame it on my momma I'm a thug nigga
Up befo' the sun rise, quicker than the drug dealers
Tell me if it's on, nigga then we first to bomb
Bust on these bitch-made niggaz hit 'em up, WESTSIDE
Ain't nobody love me as a broke nigga
Finger on the trigger Lord forgive me if I smoke niggaz
I love my females strapped, no fuckin from the back
I get my currency in stacks, California's where I'm at - right?
Passed by while these niggaz wonder why
I got shot but didn't die, let 'em see who's next to try
Did I cry, hell nah, nigga tear I shed
for all my homies in the pen, many peers dead
Niggaz still ballin.


[Notorious BIG]
So you wanna be hardcore
With your hat to the back, talkin bout the gats in your raps
But I can't feel that hardcore appeal
that you're screamin, baby I'm dreamin
This ain't Christopher Williams, still some
MC's got to feel one, caps I got to peel some
To let niggaz know... that if you fuck with Big-and-Heavy
I get up in that ass like a wedgie
Says who? Says me, the lyrical
Niggaz sayin, "Biggie off the street, it's a miracle"
Left the drugs alone, took the thugs along with me
Just for niggaz actin shifty
Sticks and stones break bones, but the gat'll kill you quicker
Especially when I'm drunk off the liquor
Smokin funk by the boxes, packin glocks is
natural to eat you niggaz like chocolates
The funk baby


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