2Face Idibia - African Queen

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Исполнитель: 2Face Idibia

Название песни: African Queen

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Дата добавления: 2016-03-12

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Текст песни 2Face Idibia - African Queen

Yeah, Yeah, You Are My African Queen, Oooh Lord, Oooh Lord

Just Like The Sun, Lights Up The Earth, You Light Up My Life
The Only One, I've Ever Seen With A Smile So Bright
And Just Yesterday, You Came Around My Way
And Changed My Whole Scenery With Your Astonishing Beauty

Ah, You Coulda Make A Brother Sing,
You Ordinary Thing, A Supernatural Being,

I Know You Are Just Brighter Than The Moon
Brighter Than The Star, I Love You Just The Way You Are.

And You Are My African Queen, The Girl Of My Dreams.
You Take Me Where I've Never Been
You Make My Heart Go Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling, Oh Ahh
You Are My African Queen, The Girl Of My Dreams
And You Remind Me Of A Thing
And That Is The African Beauty Yahhh

Yahh Oooo You Are My African Queen, Oh Lord, Oo Lord Hmm
Out Of A Million You Stand As One
The Outstanding One
I Look Into Your Eyes, Girl What I See Is Paradise,

Yeah You Captivated My Soul, Now Everyday I Want You More O O Oo
How Can I Deny This Feeling I'm Feeling Inside
Ey Oh No One Can Never Take Your Place,
Can Never Take Your Space,
Thats A Fact I Cannot Erase

And You, You Are The One That Makes Me Smile
Make Me Float Like A Boat Upon The Nile.

Oooo Ooooo Yaahhh Yahhh Oooo

You Are My African Queen And I Know, Oh Yes I Know Hhn
You Are My African Queen And I Know, See I Know
See I Know What I Am Feeling In My Heart And In My Soul
Oh I Know That It Is Love
And I Know That This Love Was Surely Sent From Up Above
Cause You're The Only One I Think Of

You Are My African Queen
And I Know That This Means That You're The Only One That I Will Serve
I'll Give You My Heart, My Love, My Body And My Money
Every Other Thing You Think Of
Who Could Think Of Anything Better Than You
Who Could Think Of Ever Hurting You

Sacrifice My All, I'll Give It All To You
Cause You Ar My African Queen
For Real

So Black, So Beautiful
I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, Munyemo, I Love You, I Love You, I Love
You, Munyemo, I Love You, I Love You, Ooohhh Yeah, My African Queen, I
Love You, I Love You.

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2Face - African Queen [Official Video]

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